August 29, 2008

Finally, a new stadium to get arrested in!

BILLY: Hey Tony, wanna grab a cheesesteak? I've only had two today.

TONY: Nah, I've already had five. Doctor says that's my limit now that I got a new heart and aorta.

BILLY: Too bad. I'll see you when I get back from Geno's...

TONY: Hey Billy, wait! You see the pictures of the new soccer stadium?

BILLY: Why would I care about that faggoty sport? You ever see Rocky play soccer?

TONY: No, seriously, check it out!

Look how close you can get to the field!

BILLY: Why would I care about being next to some prissy ballerina that's too stupid to use his hands?

TONY: Cuz it's easier to throw batteries at them!

BILLY: Damn, you're right! We gotta tell everyone! I just hope there ain't a prison in this one.

Season tickets sell out in two hours.

(h/t: Yanks Soccer)

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