August 31, 2008

ESPN predicts the future

I can't get a screenshot with the time on it, but ESPN has already given Aston Villa and Liverpool a point before the end of the game. FSC tells me the game is live. Am I naive to believe them?

August 29, 2008

Finally, a new stadium to get arrested in!

BILLY: Hey Tony, wanna grab a cheesesteak? I've only had two today.

TONY: Nah, I've already had five. Doctor says that's my limit now that I got a new heart and aorta.

BILLY: Too bad. I'll see you when I get back from Geno's...

TONY: Hey Billy, wait! You see the pictures of the new soccer stadium?

BILLY: Why would I care about that faggoty sport? You ever see Rocky play soccer?

TONY: No, seriously, check it out!

Look how close you can get to the field!

BILLY: Why would I care about being next to some prissy ballerina that's too stupid to use his hands?

TONY: Cuz it's easier to throw batteries at them!

BILLY: Damn, you're right! We gotta tell everyone! I just hope there ain't a prison in this one.

Season tickets sell out in two hours.

(h/t: Yanks Soccer)

Why I Hate Liverpool

If you couldn't tell by my name, I'm an Aston Villa fan. I'll spare you the reasons but if you're interested feel free to check them out on my personal blog. I'll try to keep my bias to a minimum in order to make this blog non-Villa-centric, but there's one bit of bias I can't keep quiet.

I hate Liverpool.

Nobody told me to hate them. I'm not trying to be cool by hating the team with the most history. Nope, this has all come naturally. How? By the most basic way: they beat my team in heartbreaking fashion. For those who don't remember, Gerrard hit a free kick in the 87th minute to give the Scousers a 2-1 win in the first weekend of the season.

If that were the only time they had pulled such shenanigans I would have shrugged it off as a bit of bad luck. Liverpool have decided, however, to make such narrow escapes a habit, the most recent example Dirk Kuyt's extra time goal against Standard Liege to send them into the group stages of Champions League. Their consistent underperforming, only to be rescued by a stroke of magic, infuriates my sense of justice.

I welcome all Scousers to tell me why my opinions are complete trash (isn't that why blogs were invented?) and to gloat over your team's countless more successes. Just make sure you do it before Sunday, because without Stevie, Villa will thrash you.

Opening Whistle 8-29-08

If you've recorded enough games to use this, you better be a blogger. [Clever Football via EPL Talk]

Sunderland fans, please stop using Amy Winehouse lyrics to support your players. [The Northern Echo]

Everton finally jump into the transfer market! Hope their insurance is paid up. [ESPN Soccernet]

Speaking of transfers, James Milner finally gets his escape to Aston Villa. It's only been two years in the making. [The Independent]

If you care at all about soccer in America, read this. Read this now. [This is American Soccer]

August 28, 2008

Who's the best in Europe?

Here's the draw for the 08-09 Champions League:

Group A: Chelsea, AS Roma, Bordeaux, CFR 1907 Cluj
Group B: Inter Milan, Werder Bremen, Panathinaikos, Anorthosis Famagusta
Group C: Barcelona, Sporting Lisbon, FC Basel, Shaktar Donetsk
Group D: Liverpool, PSV Eindhoven, Marseille, Atletico Madrid
Group E: Manchester United, Villareal, Celtic, Aalborg BK
Group F: Lyon, Bayern Munich, Steaua Bucharest, Fiorentina
Group G: Arsenal, FC Porto, Fenerbahce, Dynamo Kiev
Group H: Real Madrid, Juventus, Zenit St. Petersburg, BATE Borisov

Group of Death? Easiest path? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Champions League Draw Liveblog

Opening Whistle 8-28-08

The final 32 in Champions League and the pots they will be drawn from. [Soccer by Ives]

Shaun Wright-Phillips will actually play soccer? On a regular basis? No, you must be joking. [The Guardian]

Real Madrid have created a tournament where the trophy bears the same name as their stadium. Not to give it away, but they won. [Real Madrid Ole Ole]

Steven Gerrard is having an operation on his groin. No confirmation on whether it's from carrying all his wife's shopping bags. [The Press]

Spurs have gotten one of their Russians. Is it enough to let Berbatov leave? [Manchester United Ole Ole]

August 27, 2008

Why am I here?

Glad you could make it. I'm American Villan, and I'll be running the show here at Federation Soccer. I created this site to give voice to the discerning American fan. Sure, we'd all love to see MLS become the Next Big Thing, but it's going to take some time, so until then I'll be writing about several leagues. Here's a likely ranking, but remember it's subject to change whenever the hell I feel like it:

1. English Premier League
2. Champions League
3. MLS/CONCACAF Champions Cup
4. U.S. Men's National Team
5. La Liga/Serie A/Bundesliga

Basically, it's the same rankings of what's available to most Americans with digital cable. If I stick around long enough, maybe I'll even change my rankings when the USA becomes a dominant soccer power. Or China. Whichever comes first.