October 14, 2008

The Epic Tale of Osasuna

In the faraway land of Pamplona, a traveling mage guild by the name of Osasuna wanders the land of Spain, seeking fortune and immortality...or at least the Copa del Rey.

These wizards conduct fierce battles against other nomadic tribes who want to claim the spoils as their own. In order to defeat these evil sorcerers, the mages of Osasuna must be able to cast spells that only defend themselves from harm but also those which inflict pain on their opponents to the point of surrender.

In six battles our heroes have only allowed a telling strike merely four times, yet in none of those duels have they emerged the victors. The benefactor for the Osasuna guild, Patxi Izco, has determined his young warriors need a new leader, a man who can teach both the protective and destructive arts.

"Aratoha milacho torneda! Zap! You are now relegated!"

Jose Antonio Camacho, the fate of this guild lies in your hands. To be continued...

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