October 13, 2008

The stock symbol is IGNT

With England's FA threatening to boycott a friendly against Spain because of slurs suffered by some of the English players four years ago, I thought it was time to take a look at the rising costs of racism. We will assume a flat fee per player. Otherwise I have to break out the exponential graphs and nobody wants to look at that on a Monday.


Slurs against five players: $88,340
Cost of slurs per player: $17,668


Slurs against one player: $26,500
Cost of slurs per player: $26,500 (If that was hard stop reading now. Please.)

That comes out to an average rate of increase of 10.67% (trust me, I have an MBA). What a return! In these troubled economic times, racist idiots are the only people we can truly count on. Invest in ignorance today!

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