October 6, 2008

Roman Abramovich is his own navy

eclipseIf you're worried about Russia because of Putin, you're looking the wrong way. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is building a $400 million yacht of yachts, named Eclipse because he wants his ship to eclipse every other ship on the sea. A few features:

- Armor plating and bulletproof glass in his cabin

- An escape submarine in case pirates board the ship

- A missile defense system

- I'm going to say it one more time. THE MAN HAS INSTALLED A M***********G MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM ON HIS PERSONAL BOAT

I'm going to take a wild guess, but methinks if you install such outlandish features on a boat it becomes, ironically enough, more likely someone will try to attack it. Of course, Abramovich has little to worry about: more than 70 former SAS soldiers will be on board to ensure Chelsea can continue to buy its way to another Premier League title.


Image courtesy of Andrea Planet

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