October 3, 2008

Friday Soccer Roundtable, Part 4

We're just about done here at the first ever Federation Soccer Roundtable of Awesomeness. Thanks to all of the panelists for indulging me. I thought the last question should be a little more lighthearted: it is Friday, after all. So why not end on a hateful note?

Which team do you hate the most and why?

Josh: One team I've always hated, and received crap for it, is Liverpool. I have just never felt that they deserved to be considering in the top four or regarded as one of the world's best. When did they last win an EPL title? The '80s?

I've always though Jamie Carragher was ridiculously overrated. When Peter Crouch was there, oh man, what a freak show that guy is. Dirk Kuyt? Ugh. Xabi Alonso? Please. The whole You'll Never Walk Alone thing, totally overblown.

Even back in the day. On my FIFA computer game Steve McManaman and Robbie Fowler were garbage. And that comeback in the UCL title game v. AC Milan is the only decent thing they've done in my lifetime. Lucky.

While these days I respect players like Gerrard and Torres, I'll always root against the Reds.

ΓΌ75: Personally, it's all Manchester United. In the EPL, my team is Arsenal, but they are by no means my favorite team overall. That honor goes to Aberdeen in the SPL. That would be the Aberdeen who won the Cup Winner's Cup in 1983 under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. Hmmm.

Hell, I pulled for Manchester United in 1999 and sat there in disbelief when those two goals went into the net. So, where did it go wrong with the red devils and me? It's hard to pinpoint, I guess, but it grew over time. Now, every time I see that red-faced tw*t, my blood pressure rises. Every time they outspend the rest of the league for a player, I go apoplectic. Every time they fail, I cheer and laugh. Why? It doesn't make sense. They are simply the strongest team out there, at least of the leagues I watch. And it's that "us against the world" mentality that Ferguson instills in the team. He did it at Aberdeen, and he's done it even more effectively in Manchester.

Some of the blame must also go to that guy. That guy who knows much less about the game, but is much more vocal than I. That guy is almost always a Manchester United fan, at least in my neck of the woods. That guy is the equivalent of your local, vocal Yankees or Red Sox fan. F*ck them, and f*ck the teams they support with their ignorance.

American Villan: I thought I'd finish the roundtable with my own two cents on the matter, kind of like the late, great Dick Schaap would do on The Sports Reporters. Like Josh I also hate Liverpool, but I figure I'll go after a much different target, Bolton.

I know, hating Bolton is akin to hating someone's 3 year old nephew: he gets in the way and you'd prefer he's not around, but I really can't stand them. Their jerseys always suck, they're one of the few teams in England whose stadium is named by the corporate sponsor and they're holding a place in the Premier League that could go to a much cooler team...or at least one that gives Villa more derbies.

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed the roundtable as much as we have. Have a great weekend!

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