October 1, 2008

The word of the day is...whine!

Scream!Wow, today is shaping up as Act Like a Brat Day in Europe.

Ernesto Bronzetti, Milan's scout in Spain, must really hate Ronaldinho. Days after #80 scored his first goal for AC Milan, a gamewinner against Inter, no less, Bronzetti has come forward to admit Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor was Milan's first choice.

How does this benefit Bronzetti in any way? If he had spun it to make it look like he did an excellent job of convincing the Milan brass that Ronnie's best days weren't over I could understand. This just sounds like he's denigrating his own region. Maybe he hates Spanish cuisine and he wants a transfer. Or a chianti is more palatable than a tempranillo. All I got. Your theories are welcome in the comments.

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