September 2, 2008

Abu Dahbi United Group have more money than you

It's good being filthy rich.

Yes, Manchester City have new owners. Yes, they beat Chelsea to Robinho. But are they really going to break the top 4 this season? Time to break down a possible starting XI to see whether they have the firepower to contend.

GK: Joe Hart
Great potential but still young as he's only 21. Will likely mature into England's starting GK, perhaps by the 2010 World Cup. Oh wait, Fabio Capello is still running the show, nevermind.

LB: Richard Dunne
Solid but not world-class. Will likely be replaced in next season's transfer window if Man City truly intend to buy their way to the top.

CB: Vincent Kompany
Like Hart, young (22) but super-talented. Already a fixture on the Belgian national team.

CB: Micah Richards
Superstar in the making. Can play in the center or on the flank due to his speed and ability to contribute on offense, particularly set pieces.

RB: Pablo Zabaleta
Recently won gold with Argentina in the Olympics. Could find problems in the physical Premier League as he's only 5-8, but his skill is undeniable.

LMF: Martin Petrov
Will likely be just a squad player after City buy Ultra Left Wing 3000 or whatever the prototype happens to be.

CMF: Elano
Would likely remain as one of the key playmakers. His flair probably makes Arsene Wenger a little tight in the pants.

CMF: Michael Johnson
Would likely blossom during his partnership with Elano, but will the new ownership give the 20 year old time?

RMF: Shaun Wright-Phillips
After his debut yesterday there's no doubt he's back where he belongs. He's ready to show the world why Chelsea wanted him and to prove Chelsea wrong for never playing him.

ST: Jo
Brazilian strikers who can score twice against Inter Milan are pretty valuable. He'll be a key piece to this team for many years to come.

ST: Robinho
Yeah, he's awesome, and we all know this. All hail our new Manchester City overlords.

Conclusion: A lot of Sulaiman Al-Fahim's money will be going toward keeping this team together, not just buying new players. The young talent on this team is immense and has the opportunity to make Champions League soon, but not immediately. Al-Fahim's intentions are much scarier, though.

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