September 11, 2008

Red Bull's perennial little brother

David Howard of the New York Mets has stated his plans to purchase an MLS club. (Aside: This makes the Villannette very excited: she's originally from Queens.) With their new all-sports channel and likely NYC location (read: not Jersey), the team will have a great chance to build a huge lead and choke it away in the final month of the season. But hey, they'll be in New York, so they'll be valuable, even if they're not any good.

All snark aside, this would be a great opportunity for MLS. New York can certainly support two teams. In fact, since the team (whenever it happens) will be in NYC proper it will become an instant attraction for foreign stars not quite ready for the bright lights, intense media scrutiny and fast pace of Salt Lake City. Dang, there goes the snark again. I love you SLC!

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