September 19, 2008

Maradona in black and blue?

No links today; my morning has been too Comcastic.

Today's unbelievable moment comes courtesy of Inter Milan. Three consecutive Serie A titles and Jose Mourinho aren't enough for president Massimo Moratti. The man wants to bring in Diego Maradona as a consultant.

/Fast forward through cocaine jokes

He's one of the greatest players of all time, but that doesn't mean he can pass along his greatness. Some players' create their magic through instinct, not repeatable steps. If Maradona is hired, I'll want to see if he can slow the game down enough to walk through not just his actions, but his thoughts as well. The most difficult knowledge to pass on is not technique, but vision.

More importantly, this opportunity could be Maradona's last chance to redeem himself. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out Moratti uses Maradona for little more than a mascot, at least until Maradona can prove he can stay clean. If I were responsible for a club the size of Inter Milan I wouldn't want to subject them to anything potentially devastating: the players expose themselves to enough of that on their own.

My guess: Moratti wants to help a fallen idol. He will slowly introduce Maradona to the team and way of life. Maradona will likely stumble once, but Moratti will quickly inform him that such behavior is unacceptable with so much at stake for Inter. I just hope Maradona will listen.

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Nyc_Cosmos said...

You really haven't followed Maradona's carerr much the last few years.

He's been pretty much clean and sober and ahs a very successful tv soccer show going.

He has turned his life around and is now much healthier and better all around.

It's easy to lob the cocaine and drug addict jokes at someone who clearly has had a difficult addiction. I would like to see you write a piece about his recovery and his success in becoming sober.

That my friend would require reseach and patience something I'm not so sure you have.

If you can do so then I'll be the first to recant and congratulate you on your acheivement if you cant then Ill simply chuck you into the heap of writers that make their name defaming Maradona for free.