September 22, 2008

PSA from Qatar

Hi kids! Today we're going to learn about rules. You know what those are, right? Those are the things that are created to make sure everyone gets treated fairly. Rules are everywhere: we use them at the grocery store, at school, and anywhere else you can think of. If nobody followed the rules, very bad things would happen, like big kids stealing your lunch or pushing you down.

Sometimes people break the rules even if they know they're not supposed to. We don't like that, do we? Of course not. When people break the rules, they have to be punished so they learn not to do it again. This might have happened to you. Did you like it when your favorite toy was taken away because you called your daddy worthless for never getting a job? No, I didn't think you did.

But what if you break a rule and you didn't know it was a rule? Well, here in Qatar, if you do that, it's OK! Here's an example: You can let people play at your house even if they're not supposed to be there, just as long as you don't know that ahead of time. Maybe someone played at a house in Brazil, which means they're not supposed to play at your house in Qatar. Did you know they played at a house in Brazil first? No? Then you're fine! Don't worry if your Iraqi friends get mad at you, because the grownup in charge will tell them why you didn't do anything wrong.

That's all for today, kids, but remember - don't learn the rules in the first place and you can't be punished! Be safe, and buy more oil!

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