September 15, 2008

Notes from Villa-Spurs

-For all the money Spurs have spent in midfield and attack, their back four is still shaky. Poor clearances and miscommunication...basic stuff.

- Villa attacked much more than in recent games. The attack looked more organized, too. When I saw Nigel Reo-Coker starting again on the right side I almost choked, thinking, "Where's Milner?" But it worked. I guess Martin O'Neill knows what he's doing, after all.

- Spurs lack a true holding midfielder to direct traffic.

- Agbonlahor played more on the wings, which I think utilized his speed more. I always saw him more of an attacking winger than a true center forward.

- Gareth Barry got Man of the Match but I didn't see it. Some good passing Petrov and Young were much more effective.

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