September 4, 2008

This...this is just too awesome

Player blogs can be boring, or they can be full of amazing goodness; there seems to be little middle ground. Shalrie Joseph, Federation Soccer welcomes you with open arms. Here's a few lines from his debut post:
I figure that if anybody not surrounded by the Red sea’s tide with fidelity to Fidel got a blog, then I need one 2. From my home island to the BK’s Crown Heights and to my current home in the greatest sports city ever, I am about to Spice things up, sit high up in my throne like the King, and start a Revolution that puts our name next to my fellow comPatriots in a town that has more titles than my namesake’s dreamcoat.
Mr. Joseph, you've already started a revolution. I've wondered for quite some time if Joseph was going to be the next MLS star whisked away to Europe. Now I hope he never leaves. We need him right here in America.

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