September 12, 2008

He bumped up their Q rating to 4

Rancid's drummer, Branden Steineckert, is a big Real Salt Lake fan. Yes, that Rancid.

Don't think the fans would enjoy the mohawks, though. They'd get in the way of the sight lines! Ha, you thought I was going to make a crack on SLC. Anyway, here are some equally incongruous matches I'd love to see:

Bow Wow for Columbus Crew
Dave Chappelle for DC United
Renee Zellweger for Houston Dynamo
Burt Bacharach for Kansas City Wizards

It's about time MLS got some celebrity fans besides at Galaxy games, so props to you, Mr. Steineckert. Got an idea for a celebrity fan you'd love to see? Leave it in the comments.

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