September 4, 2008

My first celebrity guest!

Let me make sure I get this right: Bayern Munich, a German club with German national team members, played a friendly against Germany?? I think I'm going to need an expert on German culture to explain this one to me. But where do I find one?

Perhaps I can be of some help.

Oh, absolutely! Thank goodness you're here. How in the world does this work? Wouldn't the German national team be pretty depleted without Miroslav Klose and Bifi Schweinsteiger? Or Bayern know, since they play for both?

It was really more of a farewell game for Oliver Kahn. Plus, the German team got a tune-up before World Cup qualifying.

That's nice of Bayern to do something like that. But Klose, one of the country's starting strikers, played for Bayern instead of the national team. How does this help him gain rapport and timing with his countrymen?

It's very simple. You see, by separating his ties with where he came from, Klose is looking for freedom...

But he already did that when he decided to play for Germany despite being born in Poland and speaking Polish at home!

Guys like him...and me...
can't be defined by a single nationality. He just loves to play the game. He's hooked on a feeling...

That makes no sense. Who decided which team Klose would play for?

OK, fine, you caught me, I have no idea. Let's go grab a beer.

Uhhh, I gotta run, but maybe next time.

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