September 4, 2008

CONCACAF Champions Cup News

It was the best of games; it was the worst of games. The two qualifying matches yesterday fell on opposite sides of the competitiveness spectrum as we inch closer to the group stages.

Puerto Rico Islanders and Alajuelense began the second leg tied at 1 but Alajuelense scored the all-important away goal in the fifth minute. The two teams slogged through some of the most rain-soaked pitch I've ever seen for the next 82 minutes before the Islanders struck back on a controversial goal. Alajuelense's keeper appeared to have control of the ball but Kendall Jagdeosingh swooped in and tied the game. Taiwo Atieno then found a loose ball at his feet after a free kick in the 89th minute to send Puerto Rico to the group round.

Hankook Verdes already found itself on the business end of a 6-0 scoreline after the first leg, but self respect was not necessary as they managed to lose by that score home. 12-0 on aggregate, mmmm, tasty. I could actually count the fans still there by the end, but I can't say I blame them, especially once the rain started falling. Best part about the rain: it was clearly audible on FSC's broadcast. I actually thought it added a new dimension to my viewing experience. I hereby propose more audible rain in sports broadcasting.

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