September 1, 2008

Frenchies have funny names

I've already stated my preference for Aston Villa in the EPL (suck it, Barclays) but who do I root for in other leagues? Here are my ideas so far:

MLS: DC United. I lived in DC the past two years and got pretty attached to the passion surrounding the team.

Serie A: No clue. Rooting for a team like Inter Milan is like rooting for the tank in Tiennamen Square. Suggestions welcome, preferably a nice destination spot on the coast.

Bundesliga: It's not a very strong tie, but I'm leaning toward Stuttgart since my hometown's sister city is Schorndorf, which is just outside Stuttgart.

La Liga: Again, no ties, and suggestions welcome. And again, something on the coast. I can take a daytrip to the mountains.

Ligue 1: Here's where I think I've got a team: Stade Rennais FC. They feature an American, Carlos Bocanegra. If I ever go to catch a game then American Villannette will want to go because she studied abroad close by in Angers. Finally, they have the official mascot of Federation Soccer, Nicolas Douchez.

He doesn't have much of a Wikipedia entry but he has been playing in Ligue 1 for a few years, so he must be a semi-decent keeper. His hometown of Rosny-sous-Bois is listed as a commune outside of Paris, though, so I'll have to keep a watchful eye on him. Oh, who am I kidding? His last name is Douchez! The jokes rain from the heavens like manna! Monsieur Douchez, bienvenue à Federation Soccer. Je te souhaite une longue et prospère carrière.

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Unsilent Majority said...

In Serie A I'd lean towards Juventus and in La Liga you have to go with Villareal.

I'm a fan of l'OM, but the French league is pretty crappy.